Meet en Greet 2016-158

 House Dogs are dogs that do not have to spend their lives in kennels. They belong to us, they belong to the Altforsterhof and belong to the family. Of the 10 Kooikers there are a couple who enjoy their old age.  Older dogs from backyard breeders have to leave.  They have no function. Our dogs are allowed to be old at our place.  They have an important function. There are breeders who gives dogs away, but only to be able to breed more and more dogs. The goal is when they have puppies, the back yard breeders collect them for sale. They use / abuse the dogs. Shame that this is possible. In Holland there are many breeders with more than 100 bitches, living in cages. The so-called studs live in kennels, and often they are deployed, the back yards breeders don’t know 100% sure who the parents are. They advertise and say that they doing healthscreenings (read elsewhere on this site, health) but it is up to you to check this. Lots of  barking, not welcome etc. Think first, before you buy a puppy.   Visit from two of our other dogs, the mother of the litter accepts it because it is good that the other dogs also care about her puppies. Our dogs give birth at home and with other dogs nearby these are the first steps for a fine and well-socialised dog, your future roommate and a fine family dog.