All puppies are adorable but within one year they will be an adult dog. A good breeder will be as critical as the potential buyer. There must be a good basis for both the owner as the puppy so the puppy gets a great dogs life.

All our dogs are free from diseases like von Willebrand, Patella Luxatie and eye diseases.



When you intent to buy a puppy, be sure the official veterinary documents are in order .

Don’t make a fool of yourself, check them all.

 Big and bad Kooiker factories hope you don’t check it they play with your emotions. When you see a little puppy, breeders can tell that you are really going to buy one no matter what. DON’T DO IT.

Even when the parents are free of any of the diseases, it will not give you the guarantee that the puppies are free from these diseases as well.

Kooiker factories want only one thing, sell lots of puppies. Don’t tell me that breeders with more then 100 dogs can enjoy all the dogs. They only like one thing and that is money, YOUR MONEY!

Tips for buying a good puppy:

1. Never buy a puppy when they breed more than one breed.

2. Ask for official veterinarian documents, free from von Willebrand, free from eye diseases, cataract, free from patella luxatie.

3. Big stables? Lots of dogs? Stay AWAY!

4. Don’t buy in so called animals hotels etc.

5. When the puppies are older than 8 weeks ask why they are already so old.

6. Good breeders have a waiting list.

7. Ask also for uncontrollable genetic disorders such as decoy paralysis, epilepsy etc.