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Nanna und Roderic schreef op 29 april 2016 om 7:44 am:

We bought a puppy whose father is from Altforsterhof, his mother is a dog belonging to Family Reefhuis (originating also from Altforsterhof I believe).

His name is Daffy (alias Daffy Duck) and he is now almost 5 months old.
He lives with us in Germany in a family with three children and a cat near Munich.

He is exactly the dog we dreamed of: a wonderful member of the family, he is healthy, loves to walk and play an exercise a lot, is friend with all other dogs in the neighbourhood and even can get along with our cat, he is easy to educate and such a dear dog. He sometimes barks but not to often. He can get very well along with children. He loves water an jumps into the tub whenever he can.
(Other than that he is the most beautiful dog and only Kooiker here and everyone we meet wants to know: Waht kind of dog is that? He is so beautiful!)
We are very happy with him!

Thanks to Family Reefhuis and Roel from Altforsterhof!!!