Kooikers & Mini-Paarden


Deze website had tijdelijk even problemen, maar gelukkig is dat alles weer opgelost, onze excuses voor het ongemak en verwarring die dit mee bracht

The website had some issues but those are solved, our excuses for the inconviniance this brought you.


The dutch texts are  being translated. Our appologize for this. We hope to have them all available in english for you soon!Op dit moment word er nog hard gewerkt aan de engelse vertalingen, excuses voor het ongemak!



Kooikers from Den Altforsterhof on animal planet  

This renewed website is a answer upon misunderstandings of the backyard  breeders.  



Vitorio, falabella  


Skip is a child of Boeddhi and Cito  

Skip can be found in flyers of  welkoop and the boerenbond.  

Our dogs are  models, regulary there is a photo shoot on our farm.  


Our dogs will be on Animal Planet, dogs 101 in  december 2010   

The camaracrew, director, soundman and productionleader visited us this summer. After lots of pushing of animal planet, we finaly agreed upon the shoots. The unique situation of 10 adult dogs at our house, not living in a kennel, but free on the land, makes it a unique happening for humans and pets living together. The america crew of animal planet together with our dogs. The first broadcast will be in december on american television, we will keep you informed throug this site.  


Old Masters paint beatifull paintings with spaniellike dogs. The kooiker a spaniel, is often found in housely scenes. I name the most famous one of Jan Steen, the dance class.  


We took this painting as starting point for a glass in lead window, also our history being taken into it 

a first try



brand painting



the front door   

the window